• Effective Communication Made Easy

    A systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective communication as it relates to your marketing message and management communcation strategy. You'll learn the driving force behind effective communication and walk through simple action steps to help you immediately implement what you learn.

  • What Makes A Gritty Writer?

    A clear approach to Gritty Writing and doing the work to discover the language and delivery that reaches your target audience. How well you understand and respect them will impact your ability to connect with your people. Whether public speaking, content marketing or holding a staff meeting the same tools are always in play. Learn what they are and how to use them more effectively.

  • 5 Things Impacting Your Message

    Discover the ABCs behind public speaking. These are the same tools you’ll use in small group communication, one-on-one communication as well as video markeitng and live presentations. Even if public speaking is not your fear, these tips are a quick refresher to help you update your skills.

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