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Like great fashion, a strong marketing message takes effort. In fact, you have to work so hard that you make it look easy.

Rambling, for example, is simple for you, but hard on your audience. You just start talking and hope you end up somewhere.

But a short, tight message may cost you hours in prep work, yet it makes the message easy for your audience to digest and easy for your people to share. And that’s good for business.

Each sentence has a nugget of truth in it….Jamillah just has a wealth of information.” — Kelle Boyd | Ann Kelle Designs

You Can’t Be Effective Without This

I’m MsJ, the gritty writer who helps business owners get clear. Before you can effectively mic your message, you have to get clear about your vision. And that includes understanding

  1. who you’re talking to,
  2. what you want and need to say and
  3. how you plan to deliver it.

There’s one goal here, to help you discover the core message behind your brand and then package it in as many forms as possible.

Whether you’re blogging to build your business, creating posters for an upcoming event or being interviewed for the local paper, every bit of your communication should spread your main message and it should be natural and organic.

 We loved your article on “gritty” writing. Great advice! We look forward to reading more from you.” — Rebecca, Valpak Coupons

But it shouldn’t stop there.

In fact, one of your primary marketing responsibilities begins with managing your team. The message you give them will impact how they represent your brand, the quality of your business and how much you can grow. Gritty writing is about Effective Communication period.

You don’t save your best message for the public. You practice and perfect your best message internally. You keep tweaking and updating it so that the message that goes public is who you are, what you represent and you can live up to it when it’s time to deliver the goods.

Effective communication is everything. It’s your marketing strategy. It’s your management style. It’s your bottom-line.

Jamillah has a lyrical quality to her writing that shines through on every page. She has a unique way of looking at the world around her, including business.” — Anita Campbell | CEO of Small Business Trends, LLC | SmallBizTrends.com

Professional Bio

As Seen Live and Person (MsJ's short list)Jamillah Warner is an award winning spoken word artist who sees poetry in everything.

Her mission is to help you design your best message and use it to reach a hungry audience. She believes that for success the whole world doesn’t need to know your name, but your target audience does.

Jamillah earned her BA in Public Policy from Vanderbilt University. Spent 12 years in management for a small business nonprofit. And while discovering how policy impacts communities, MsJ also uncovered her fascination for business.

A freelance blogger, Jamillah specializes in marketing, branding, management strategies and all things small business.

She’s a passionate teacher who trains Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and small businesses in the art of effective communication.

When she’s speaking it’s almost like she’s putting a melody together. It draws you in and makes you want to listen and learn.” — Charli Sims | Administrator

Jamillah inspires you to take charge of your brand by getting crystal clear about who you are, how you serve and what your audience needs and wants to hear from you.

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