Effective Communication Matters

headshot3It’s the short, tight message that makes the difference. Your audience craves it.

When they land on your website or social media page, they want to know what you can do for them, and they want to know quickly. How you communicate the message behind your brand has to be effective or you’re just wasting resources.

Gritty Writer is about effective communication that builds brand loyalty, and one of the key elements to that is a core marketing message.

Brand Loyalty is good for business.

However, before you get there, you have to start with with message — something easy to carry, easy to share.

But if that message doesn’t connect, then the conversation doesn’t matter.

You’re wasting marketing dollars if you fail to say what your audience needs and wants to hear from you.

Your core marketing message is the thing that drives your brand. To be effective all media, marketing and advertising dollars boil down this key conversation. So, make yours count by discovering and effectively using your message.

In other words,

you can build brand loyalty through the power of effective communication but it takes work.

About Jamillah “Ms.J” Warner

headshot2I believe there are creative and practical ways to give dynamic ideas a voice.

You don’t need a Fortune 100 budget for marketing impact. You can build brand loyalty on just about any budget, if you know where to place your resources.

Hi. I’m Ms. J, the author behind GrittyWriter.com which specializes in effective communication and brand loyalty for brands, events and teams.

You need a core marketing message in order to effectively communicate. I help design (and in most cases uncover) the message behind your brand.

Why? Because your team needs to know your message in order to help spread it. And your audience needs to hear your message consistently in order to develop awareness, and in some cases, passion, for your solution.

At Gritty Writer you can find out What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Effective Communication and…

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Professional Bio


Jamillah “Ms.J” Warner is the co-author of When Women Become Business Owners, and the writer behind GrittyWriter.com specializing in effective communication and brand loyalty for brands, events and teams.

She’s a Vanderbilt graduate and passionate teacher who trains Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and small businesses in the art of effective communication.

As Seen Live and Person (MsJ's short list)She understands how the right message can impact everything — especially your bottom line, your team and brand loyalty.

Ms.J believes in

a message that’s easy for your audience to carry. On the front end, that means extra work for your brand. On the back end, it means extra reward for your business. It’s the short, tight message that goes the distance.”

Born in the South, raised traveling the US, Ms.J  writes for business and pleasure, loves the country and the city and adores the way travel gets into you.

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