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You need attention. And your target audience needs solutions. If you two could only meet up, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. But don’t grab the spotlight just yet.

When it comes to attracting — and keeping — an audience, designing your marketing message comes first. Take the time to figure out: who you’re talking to, what you want to say, what they need to hear and how to deliver your core marketing message in a style that causes your audience to [ Continue Reading… ]

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Here’s some plain talk about a simple business strategy that’s easy to understand but often misUSED.

These 10 things every business owner ought to know about effective communication helps owners and managers learn to talk with their teams in a way that increases retention as well as brand loyalty.

Effective communication shapes your team and marketing message. In fact, this is one of the top skills that often kills a dream. [ Let’s Get Started… ]

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Discover a better approach to management communication and designing your marketing message. Here’s what I have:

The Gritty Kit is a 7-part mini-course delivered via downloads and periodic email updates.

Join 100s of small business owners and brand builders today. Develop a clear message with a simple strategy.

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The strongest brands are designed from the inside out. Core message, team communication and then public image.

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 Message Design Advice

Strong messages don’t just happen. Someone has to design them with a purpose. At the core the most dynamic marketing is a message design strategy. It’s the marriage of what you want to say to the right look and feel.  

[GRIT] critical marketing

5 Critical Marketing Decisions for Promoting a Message That Sticks

Failing to make a decision about your marketing counts as a decision. It’s passive, but it’s still a choice — and it can cost you. There are 5 core decisions that impact your marketing. [ Continue Reading… ]


[grit] core marketing message

It’s Not Sexy, It Just Works — Get To Your Core Marketing Message

Success may look different for each person, but there’s a key element that all long term successful people possess. Athletes use it. It’s how they show up for training – day in and day out. [ Continue Reading… ]


[GRIT] artist and canvas

The Artist and The Message — 6 Steps To A Better Tagline

Artists are an exciting group to be around because they’re passionate about their work. But inspite of all that passion, some miss the mark when it comes to marketing their message. [ Continue Reading… ]


apple knows marketing

A Simple Thing That Apple Knows About Marketing and Communication That You Don’t!

Your goal is to make it impossible for your potential clients to mess up or misunderstand. Make it easy for them to connect with your solution. Apple uses a simple strategy and so can you. [ Continue Reading… ]


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