Who Needs Effective Communication? 7 Ways To Kill The Message

98Change is hard. So skip it. And let other people just deal with it. Here are seven tips to help you create an effective mess of your communication.

Have fun.

1. Play “The-Same-Game”

To insure that your communication never improves, make it your business to stay exactly the same. In addition to that, assume that all communication issues between you and others is somebody else’s fault. And then argue that person down into the ground like your life depends on it. [Read more…]

Traveling Light? Then Pack Your Core Marketing Message First

If marketing is a journey, then it’s time to learn how to travel light. And that begins with packing your core marketing message and knowing just where to take it and when to get there.

Let’s play with this metaphor for a minute.

No matter the scope of your marketing strategy — whether you travel to a big city or quaint little town — television, radio, internet, and print are the neighborhoods you can visit on your journey [Read more…]

The Secret Weapon To Finding Your Marketing Message

Every superhero has powers.

Some are more obvious than others. But when a situation becomes sticker than usual, the hero has another level to pull from.

Well, if you have the guts to build your own brand, then you have a few hero qualities of your own.

And you’ll need one in particular. [Read more…]

Does Your Marketing Message Have Legs?

You can’t deliver a story that you haven’t designed. And you can’t design a quality marketing message without quality research or experience.

But when it finally is time to spread the word, to deliver your message, you don’t have to break the bank. You can start with a few savvy and fundamental options. [Read more…]

Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Really Is?

Your people are the ones who need and want what you have. Knowing them, putting faces to their problems makes it easier to market your brand.

At the end of the day, an effective message is really a conversation with your people. Not just your brand talking at your audience, but you speaking their language. [Read more…]

“I See Dead Branding!” Is Your Message Design Strategy Working For You?

I’m not big on scary movies. They stress me out. I Am Legend is a great film, but to me it’s a horror flick and I can barely handle it (hands over eyes, squirming in seat, the whole bit). So I try to stay away from them. Unfortunately, I see marketing horrors daily. And one of the common, but ignored issues by many small and creative businesses is a dead branding message.

You might have a dead branding message if [Read more…]